Introduction to Games Warehouse

Introduction to Games Warehouse

Games Warehouse was a leading UK-based supplier of content for the global gaming and iGaming sectors. Although it originally got its start developing software for physical gaming terminals, with the rise of online iGaming, it pivoted to pursue new business opportunities in this space.

Games Warehouse would eventually go on to become one of the leading content developers in the UK and helped to build up the iGaming scene there.

Following a string of successful releases, Games Warehouse was eventually acquired by another major industry player in 2018,Blueprint Gaming. This marked the next phase in the development and history of Games Warehouse, which has since gone on to produce incredible work under new ownership.

As an independent developer, however,Games Warehouse was known for creating popular slot games with engaging game mechanics and unique settings that were differentfrom anything else on the market.

This legacy has carried over into itswork with Blueprint Gaming, where it has continued to put out well-received releases.If you want to learn a little bit more about Games Warehouse, keep reading for the full overview.

History of Games Warehouse

First established all the way back in 2002 in Derby, England, Games Warehouse originally got its start making physical gaming terminals. While doing this, it built up a considerable amount of expertise in designing and developing iGaming software, which shaped the future direction that this young company would take.

Overtime, Games Warehouse established itself as one of the leading names in the iGaming sector. This was a particularly notable achievement given that the iGaming sector in the UK was still relatively underdeveloped at the time.

However, these humble beginnings did not appear to have held back Games Warehouse at all. Following almost a decade of consistently putting out well-received online casino games and developing key partnerships with important industry players, Games Warehouse was acquired by Blueprint Gaming in 2018.

This marked an important milestone in the development of Games Warehouse, with the development team continuing to put out top-tier work under new ownership. Blueprint Gaming is part of Gauselmann Group, so this acquisition significantly expanded the scope of Games Warehouse’s operations.

Games Warehouse Top Games

Although it has since been acquired, Games Warehouse had a reputation amongonline casino games for creating a memorable line of slots, which included classics such as Wild Bandits, Birdz and Gold Strike.

Games Warehouse slots were known for their use of cutting-edge technology, bright graphics and engaging game mechanics that were equally well-suited to long and short playing sessions. This was helped by itslong-standing experience in the physical gaming terminal and pay-to-play sector.

One of the titles put out by Games Warehouse that proved to be a hit with fans was Birdz, which was a unique style of cascading slot. In Birdz, players were required to hit the spin button to unleash a flock of birds. These birds would then fly towards telephone wires, which would act as the paylines.

Also popular was Lucky’s Empire, which transported players back to the debauchery-filled days of the ‘Roaring 20s’ in Prohibition-era America. Lucky’s Empire sees the eponymous character, Lucky,trying to claw back his bootlegging empire after an insider steals liquor from him. It has an RTP of 95.12% and 20 different paylines.

Games Warehouse Notable Awards

Although we were not able to find details of any awards that Games Warehouse won when it was still independently run, the development team thattransitioned over to Blueprint Gaming has since gone on to release a number ofaward-winning titles such as Fishin’ Frenzy: The Big Catch. This speaks to the strength of the development talent that was present at Games Warehouse.

Games Warehouse Summary

Since being acquired by Blueprint Gaming, Games Warehouse has truly gone from strength to strength. From itshumble origins in Derby, England, Games Warehouse now has a truly global impact!

With that said, Games Warehouse has continued to put out the same quality of slots that we have come to expect from it. If you like playing fun and exciting slots with a little bit of a retro feel, then Games Warehouse titles are wellworth checking out.